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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The term "full mouth rehabilitation" refers to the restoration and/or replacement of all of a patient's teeth. It involves the complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity considering a proper balanced bite is the key to a long lasting results.


The severe wear on the front teeth makes it easier for the anterior guidance to be lost, which protects the back teeth from being worn while moving. A tooth that falls out of place also causes the occlusal plane to change and the vertical dimension to get smaller. This case report is about a 77-year-old woman who lost her anterior guidance, had a lot of wear on her teeth, and her vertical dimension went down. It was used after it was decided that the vertical dimension should be increased by anatomical landmark, facial, and physiologic measurement. The occlusal overlay splint was used. After the new vertical dimension was found to be compatible, the interim fixed restoration and the long-term reconstruction began. In this case, the vertical dimension was restored, which led to an improvement in both aesthetics and function.

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