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  • Fixed Prosthesis (FPD) (Dental Bridges)

Fixed Prosthesis/ Dental Bridges are artificial appliances that are concerned with replacing missing teeth. A missing tooth can affect your chewing abilities. The dental bridge replaces missing teeth by taking support of adjacent teeth and placing crowns on them alongwith the missing is an easy and fixed option to replace missing teeth.

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The fixed partial denture (FPD) is a dental restoration that is used to replace missing teeth. It is a dental piece that is permanently attached to other teeth or dental implants. 21 Bridges are fixed to the "stages." An abutment, which is a tooth or implant next to the FPD bridge, is what holds it in place. The FPD unit has three main parts: the pontic, the retainer, and the connector. They all work together.


A Pontic is the artificial tooth on an FPD that replaces a missing natural tooth and restores its function, just like a real one. [ Make sure you use the correct retainer to make sure the abutment teeth stay in place. intracoronal and extracoronal restorations can be used to keep teeth in place. They can also be glued to the teeth to hold them in place. One more important piece of equipment is called a connector. It helps the retainer(s) and the pontic work together (s). In general, there are rigid (locked) and non-rigid connectors. There are two types: rigid and non-rigid ones (that works like a hinge). Occlusal force is applied to the pontic when someone bites down on it. It goes through the connector, retainer, and abutments to the abutments and the bone around them.


The quality of the abutments and the bone around them play a big part in how well the FPD will work out for you. If the abutments are strong enough, they should be able to handle any stress that the pontics are under. The first thing that needs to happen is that there are enough healthy abutments to fill in for the missing tooth or teeth. Based on Robert's Law and Ante's Law, biting forces and the area where the gums and bone meet must be taken into account when choosing the abutment tooth.FPD that worked well on a damaged mandibular dentition.

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